Nixxie, Icon Queen! (nixxie_) wrote in torchwood_chllg,
Nixxie, Icon Queen!

Winners for challenge 44:

Banners will be added later, your banner maker is: liten_sam

First place: tk_japan_bands

Second place: ailurophile6

Second place: lachatdelarue

Third place: switch842

Congratulations and better luck next time to everyone else!

The challenge post has been unlocked if you want to go look at who made what!
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Awesome! Thanks everyone!! :-D


March 3 2008, 23:16:06 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  March 3 2008, 23:22:25 UTC

Um....No offense, but the results are wrong

One of my icons had 10 votes and therefore should be second

the second place here only had 9 votes


eta: if someone voted incorrectly and that affected the results, then just ignore me, lol
eeek... did I miss it? *scurries to go lookie*
Added you in second place. My bad.

(Was because an icon in the same chunk had 20 votes and made all the bars smaller, fraid I missed yours out *shamefaced*)

thank you!

I was in a rush when I wrote that last night, now that I read it again, it seems kind of rude of me, sorry, that wasn't my intention, lol....I know you do your best and it wasn't intentional!

thanks for fixing it though :)
thanks you guys! :D
Here we go:

Congratulations everyone!
these are very nice, thank you!
thanks ^^
These look loverly - thank-you sweety :)